First impressions are crucial in the sale of your home

A study conducted by the Bank of Montreal verifies just how important it is that home buyers have a positive first impression when they first walk into your home.

In a report titled Psychology of House Hunting, the Bank of Montreal found 80 per cent of prospective homebuyers know whether a house is the right one the moment they step inside.

The study also found that buyers also rule out a lot of homes the moment they step inside, if they don’t have a positive first impression.

The average home buyer visits 10 homes before making a decision on which one they will buy. While every buyer is looking for the perfect home for them, 68 percent of respondents to the survey said they would be willing to settle for a home that is not “perfect”.

But it’s that all-important first impression – the first 5 or 10 seconds after a buyer enters your home that could decide if your house sells, or stays on the market.

Making sure your home makes a good first impression doesn’t have to be difficult. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your home is clean, and de-cluttered. Open blinds and turn on lights so when people come in the home feels bright and warm. Make sure the home smells nice too – fresh baking or scented candles can make a home feel homey, and help to make that crucial first impression a good one.

And greet the buyers at the door with a smile – be friendly, and let them know you are happy they’ve come to see your home.



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